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Pest Control Programs Within Multi-Family Settings

Long-term residents are what make multi-family properties a good investment for owners and landlords. Pest issues within a unit or building can quickly impact tenant retention and profitability, which is why your pest control company must stay proactive as much as possible versus reactive. The more we can keep pest issues from surfacing, the better the bottom line for landlords and property owners.

Challenges With Multi-Family Pest Protection

Multiple residents make it difficult to rely on DIY methods of pest protection. Residents can track in insects, and leave windows and doors open. If pests are allowed in one unit, they can easily spread to more. JP Pest Services will create a custom pest management plan for your facility to remove pests, and establish a protection program to prevent future pest problems.

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Proactive And Minimally Invasive Pest Management For Multi-Family Properties

Our multi-family property protection provides effective pest control with the least amount of disruption for you tenants. Services are provided by our team of professionally trained service technicians who work not only with property owners, but tenants as well. Communication between parties is crucial in preventive pest control as well as prompt action and treatment.

Our Integrated Pest Management Programs Protect Multi-Family Properties From All Pests That Compromise Tenant Satisfaction And A Landlord’s Profit

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife Removal
  • Seasonal Pests
  • Mold and Surface Sanitation
*The services listed above are not all included in our protection programs. Programs will vary for each facility and are customized based on the facility’s unique needs and areas of concern.

Outstanding Communication With Our Customers Is Essential

All multi-family protection plans are customized based on a property’s specific needs, tenant circumstance, and risks. JP Pest Services provides fast and ongoing support anytime you need it.

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