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Warm Weather Brings Out A Variety Of Stinging Pests In New England

As the winter thaw lifts and the temperatures begin to rise, New Englanders head to their backyards to soak in the warmer weather. Unfortunately, so do stinging insects such as wasps, carpenter bees, hornets, and yellow jackets. Starting in early spring and lasting throughout the summer months, these pests can build nests just about anywhere around your home, including porches, decks, rain gutters, and the overhang of roofs. Wasps and hornets can pack a painful and sometimes serious sting, especially for those who are allergic. Unlike bees, who can only sting you once, many wasps and hornets can sting you multiple times because their stinger doesn’t fall out after a single jab. These pests are best left to trained professionals.

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Our Wasp And Hornet Fighting Process

JP Pest Services provides comprehensive prevention and control services to solve stinging insect problems for residential and commercial properties. Our professionally trained service technicians know exactly how to handle these insects safely and effectively.

Though stinging insect problems can be treated one nest at a time, for best results, we recommended that a season-long prevention plan is implemented. This is due to the fact that there are multiple species of hornets and wasps, each of which constructs their nests at different times of the year. A prevention plan will control the obvious locations on a structure where nests are typically found, as well as providing on-call service to handle any additional locations where property owners discover additional nests throughout the season.

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