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Your Home’s Attic Makes An Ideal Squirrel Shelter

Squirrels are notorious for seeking shelter inside the attics and other voids of New England homes. Besides the unsettling noises they can cause (both during the day and the middle of the night), this pest problem poses safety concerns for yourself and your home. Chewed electrical wiring and damaged attic insulation can result in costly repairs; even more concerning are the health risks from urine and fecal matter that collect over extended periods of time inside a structure.

squirrels love making nests inside peoples homes

JP Pest Services provides comprehensive exclusion and prevention services to solve squirrel problems permanently. We use non-lethal methods such as one-way excluder doors whenever possible for wildlife to be relocated back into their natural environment. We also take care to ensure all squirrels and their young (if they’ve nested within a structure) are removed prior to sealing off entry points.

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Squirrel Removal, Prevention, And Damage Repair

Our Wildlife Control Department offers minor carpentry and attic insulation services to repair damages caused by squirrel infestations. Both services are performed only by our wildlife technicians who are skilled and experienced with carpentry and insulation work.

Top Squirrels Found In New England

Flying Squirrels

If you’re being kept up at night from scratching and rustling noises coming from your attic, flying squirrels are the likely culprit. They are most active during the late evening hours due to being a nocturnal species. Flying squirrels are very social and prefer to live within a colony – which means if you have one flying squirrel, there’s likely to be more taking up residence in your home.

Gray Squirrels

Gray squirrels are active year round with especially high activity in the fall due to gathering their winter food supply. They enter structures at ground level, unlike other common home invading squirrel species.

Gray squirrels will often chew holes in structure’s eaves, soffits, or vents to gain access to an interior void. Once gray squirrels have taken up residence in a structure, they can be difficult to remove. Like other species of squirrels found in New England, gray squirrels are known to destroy attic insulation in an attempt to create a nesting spot or latrine. They will also chew through electrical wiring, which greatly increases the risk of house fire.

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Red Squirrels

Red squirrels will usually make their nests in the hollow portion of trees, but are also known to move into any level of a structure from the basement to the attic. This species is very active during the early morning and late afternoon, and usually inactive during the heat of the day and evening. The red squirrel is known to be a skilled jumper; tree branches that extend close to a structure provide them with easy access to identify possible entry points.

Need More Squirrel Information?

Visit our pest library to learn about these three common types of squirrels found in New England.

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