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We All Know That Skunk Smell

The mere scent of a skunk lingering close by can create stress and potentially unpleasant scenarios for homeowners. Humans and wildlife alike know to steer clear of these small black and white striped critters. Skunks will dig underneath porches and outbuildings or find their way into crawl spaces looking for shelter or to create a den. They will return to these same locations year after year to raise their offspring.

Homeowner Headaches

Skunks can cause major headaches for homeowners; they feed on fruit and vegetable gardens, damage lawns while foraging for insects (another sought-after food source), and cause unwanted confrontations with domesticated pets. They can be difficult to catch in the act since they are nocturnal, so it is best to let animal removal experts identify and solve the problem.

Beyond the annoyance factor of their strong odor, skunks pose serious health risks for humans and pets. The striped skunk is the second largest rabies carrier in the United States, right after raccoons. The species of skunk most commonly found in New England is the striped skunk (Mephitusmephitis).

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Effective And Efficient Skunk Removal Solutions

The specially trained wildlife technicians at JP Pest Services are skilled and experienced when it comes to dealing with tricky pest problems like skunks. Whether you need removal of a skunk that’s taken up residence under your deck, or prevention of future skunks from trying to create a den somewhere on your property, our Wildlife Control Department has you covered.

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