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Cooler Weather Drives Pests Indoors

When the long days of summer draw to a close and the cooler weather of fall approaches, fall invading pests start seeking shelter! New England residents know the culprits: lady beetles, stink bugs, and cluster flies invade your home to seek a warm place to spend the winter months. Once inside, these pests can create a nuisance, ruin food, and spread disease. They multiply quickly, so a few fall invaders can quickly cause a problem!

The JP Pest Services Fall Invader Program consists of two pest-fighting treatments that are performed typically between the months of August and October. This program targets the cracks and crevices of your home where these invading pests can gain entry. Stopping these pests at their points of entry is vital because once they’re inside, they’re more difficult to eliminate.

cluster flies swarming an object. cluster flies can be a big problem for kitchens in the fall months of new england

Due the seasonal nature of fall invading pests, this program is most effective when implemented before fall begins. Waiting until after fall starts or after you notice invaders may make your pest-control program less effective.

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The Fall Invader Program Covers The Following Pests

  • Lady beetles
  • Stink bugs
  • Cluster flies
  • Box elder bugs
  • Conifer seed bugs
stinkbugs are harmless but can create unbarable odors that will force you out of a room

Important Factors For Effective Control

  • Due to the seasonal nature of fall invading pests, your first service should be performed prior to pests gaining entry inside your home.
  • Once you notice fall invading pests inside your home, the Fall Invader Program may not be effective.
  • For homeowners who experienced fall invading pests last season, ensure your service is scheduled early this year to act as a preventive solution.

Want To Learn More About the Fall Invader Program?

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